I.F- Monster

I’m baaaack from another busy bustling trip, (news & drawings from that soon!), with a little piece to get me straight back into work. As I landed back in the motherland a day before the Illustration Friday topic ‘monster’ was due to end, I obviously had to do something didn’t I?! I love monsters, but rather than just draw any old monster, I wanted to work on a slightly more in-depth character design. Then I’ve had a fledgling project waiting to be added to, so I combined the two!


If anyone remembers Miss Kitty Rumble, a pro wrestler I designed a few months back, you might be pleased to know that this little creature, El Coco, is her number one greatest rival. He’s creepy, has wiggly wobbly snake limbs & his friends just call him Doug.

Missed you cupcakes ❤