Ciao, bonjour, gruetzi, yaho & hello!  I am Cathy Hookey, an illustrator-author & digital nomad from England, but now a bit of an everywhere-girl.

For the last twenty months I have been travelling the world, couchsurfing, volunteering, living on farms, in hostels or with host families while drawing pictures on buses & in other people’s kitchens. I manage my illustration career on the road, living location independent whilst picking up tidbits of languages, traditions, history & suntans.  My gypsy lifestyle heavily influences my work; I like to write about journeying, searching & finding beautiful new friends & places.  I love looking so I do a lot of reportage to try to distill both an atmosphere of my environment & my experiences there.  My sketchbooks are a way of appreciating life & of working through the affects people & places have on me.

On this blog you’ll find updates on my professional & personal illustration projects, doodles & sketches, as well as writing about my ongoing journey & bits of philosophy for good balance.

Along with my work for the children’s market, I also write & illustrate my own kids books & graphic novels. I like weird stuff, fashion, trains, nature, history, animals, feminism & the sea. I dislike rain, bug bites, vodka & being late.

If you’d like to talk to me, drop me a line on cathy.hookey@gmail.com or on my Twitter @cathyhookey or my Skype cathy_hookey

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