I Believe

I believe people

I believe them without skepticism

And I believe I fail at this when it suits me.


I believe, a lot of the time, that I’m completely, totally and wholly insane.

But at least that’s the end of it. After all, there’s not much to be done about being mad. I’m just crazy, that’s all, just totally bonkers, just out of my treehouse, just a raving looney.

Isn’t that just so clean and easy?


From an interview with the Rocca Family and Zizi, printed in ‘Pleasure Activism‘ by adrienne maree brown –

“Zizi recommends you drop the “believe” notion. How about you suggest, try, attempt (maybe trust) this or that, rather than believe? There is very little space for humility in belief.”

And, of course, I like humility.

One could even say I’m proud of my humility.

Oh, oh!!

Zizi save me!


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