A Tiny Valentiny Story

I thought I would treat you, today, my cupcakes, to some words instead of pictures. The glorious Susana Hill is having a little challenge on her blog to write a story for kids, to a Valentines-y theme, about someone that is horribly, terribly, almost distastefully, grumpy. Oh, also, with a word limit of 214. Which almost made me grumpy, until I started really quite enjoying the challenge!

So here you go, ‘The Problem With Love Potions’, 214 words.

The King was fed up of being single.

And whenever the King was fed up, sad, or bored, he called Misty the Witch.

The King held Misty prisoner, and used her magic to make himself powerful. Misty hated the palace. She laughed at the cooks and spoilt their porridge, tripped up noblewomen and cast spells on knights. Her only friend was her cat, Faustus.

A thud came from Misty’s tower.

“A love potion?!” she bellowed, “You can’t magic love!”

A jar of newts smashed against the wall.

“It’s always ‘conjure this, hex that’! ‘More unicorns!’ or ‘make everyone glad I’m king!’ I’ve had enough of that backseat wizard!”

“Maybe we could escape…magically?” Faustus squeaked.
“There’s no ‘Escape Talisman’ in the magic book!” she barked, “and I’m useless without recipes!”
“I’ll help!”
“Ha! Make up a new spell?! Impossible!”

Faustus ignored her. “What’s good for escaping?”
“Hmm…” Misty chewed her wand. “Something…firey?”

So they got to inventing!
“This is pretty fun!” Misty giggled into the cauldron.


As the smoke cleared, a shadow loomed…
“A dragon?!” Misty bounced, “Now that’s an Escape Talisman!”

The neverending hills sparkled with possibilities as Misty and Faustus relaxed to the ‘whoomph-whoomph’ of beating wings.

The King, though, wasn’t King for long, and never got that date.

So there is the first thing I have written for public consumption!

I do enjoy writing a huge amount, & I’m working on writing my second picture book at the moment. (but the first one where I’m putting serious thought into the writing as well as the pictures!) It’s nerve-wracking to show people but I am determined!

And finally if anyone wants to offer any critique I would always be grateful 🙂


10 thoughts on “A Tiny Valentiny Story

  1. Misty is one fiery gal! Her personality really comes through. I would spoil the porridge and trip noblewomen too if I was held prisoner. A girl’s got have a little fun right 😉

    • Oh! Thank you so, so much! That means so much to me!! It’s dead scary being new, all the thoughts of ‘what am I doing?’ & the ‘will I be a social outcast if I stay in raving at a word processor about mutant pigs’ worries… What I mean is thank you for the encouragement, it’s really bolstered me to keep writing 🙂 ❤

  2. Hahaha! You made me laugh, Cathy! Misty the Witch is quite a character, and you’ve got some great lines! I especially enjoyed “you can’t magic love!” and “backseat wizard”! 🙂 Misty and Faustus make a great team! Thanks so much for joining in the first-ever Valentiny fun and keep up the good writing! 🙂

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