IF – Outside

OUTSIDE is one of my favourite places, although I have to admit to not having gone there an awful lot recently…but it does mean I am getting rather a lot of drawings done!


I’m feeling magical at the moment, can you tell?  I’ve been re-reading some of Japanese supergroup CLAMP’s ‘xxxHOLIC‘, which has filled my head with folk magic & space-time witches.  The fox was inspired by Ninetails from Pokemon & Amaterasu from the PS2/Wii game ‘Okami,’  which are all variations on the Japanese spirit-fox kitsune.  All proof that you can spend too much time reading comics, watching cartoons & playing video games & still be a superstar 100% cool gal like me! ❤


I wanted it to feel like if you go deep enough into the woods you can find wonderful things you would’ve never expected, so it’s always worth exploring! 🙂


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