I.F – Strong

I’m working on my black & white work at the moment, which is really good fun!  I am a total colour addict, but once upon a time I was just as addicted to doing whole drawings in nothing but black ink.  It was a passion for manga & comic books that first inspired me, as a tweenager, to pour myself into creating pictures, & I think that influence really comes across in my B&W work.  I think I’ll always have soft spot for inking, cross hatching & the occasional (digital) screentone.


On my travels I’ve done a fair amount of au pair work, & working with kids is great to inspire new drawings.  The idea for this drawing came from an afternoon with two particularly tenacious, intelligent, free-spirited young people during my travels in 2013.  We created superhero personas, dressed up as them & made pasta bake for their mum while she was at work.  It’s testament to how cool that Mum is that she wasn’t fazed at all to find us in masks & capes & tutus, bouncing around the kitchen.  So for this week’s ‘strong’ Illustration Friday topic I wanted to have a group of kids being superheroes, but also normal kids at the same time.

The girl on the left, with the flashlight/magic laser beam on her hand, takes a little from my personal favourite hero of all time, Sailor Moon 🙂


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