IF- Path

Ciao ciao, from another new part of the planet, my little custard creams.  A little less exotic than Texas, but no less magical, I’m now in South Staffordshire.  It’s quiet & quaint, & my uncle’s house reminds me of being small & surrounded by my irrepressibly eccentric family. Anyway, my week’s work since arriving; this week’s Illustration Friday topic is ‘Path.’


Having just got back to my family after so many months, my I.F this week centres on our paths through life.  Our paths are confused & confusing, meandering, rocky, messy, unpredictable & exactly how they should be.  I wouldn’t want to live too tidy a life.  So my drawing started out as a tiny little thumbnail dedicated to a chaotic, busy idea.  It’s been a bit of a challenge making the composition look crowded, confused & comfortable to look at all at the same time!  I super enjoyed doing this, I hope it shows.

I thought my process with this piece was interesting, because it originated from such a scribble (although I’ve not included the original thumbnail), & because I went through two incarnations of the character.  So I made a little series of progress shots.  I don’t always start with tonal values, but I wanted to be extra careful with my tones on this because of the lighting.


I’ve wanted to do a piece inspired by Monument Valley Navajo Park in Arizona since I visited late last summer.  I’m a nature girl, really, & I wholeheartedly recommend all of Arizona if you’re in need of inspiration.  Today’s featured image is, predictably, Monument Valley.

Big love to you all ❤


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