Illustration Friday: Reflection

The first (& likely only) time I’ve ever been early for Illustration Friday!  I have good reason, & it’s not creative enthusiasm; early tomorrow I’ll be on a very long journey back to London.  At least I’m hoping it’ll be my journey back to London, depends if the north-eastern United States dumps an avalanche on my Boeing 787 Dreamliner…

Anyway, this week’s topic is ‘reflection’.


I’m going through a skeleton phase at the moment, not that I don’t draw skeletons fairly often anyway.  I wanted a friendly looking skeleton for this, & am super happy with how she came out.  I wanted both characters to look magical, despite how vocally I complain about purple it’s a very magical colour, & I did end up enjoying working with it.  A bit…

reflection_other_by_cathy_hookeyWith it being my last days here it’s apt to reflect on the last few months, & I find myself feeling like I’ve shed a skin.  So the inspiration behind this is the feeling of letting some things die, & the peaceful close to a chapter.  So it’s about being friends with your shadow! 🙂

See y’all on the other side of the pond!


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