Illustration Friday: Sleep

Oh, happy Illustration Friday!  Happy, happy Illustration Friday!  It’s always my favourite kind of Friday.  Especially since this week’s topic managed to perfectly match a drawing I was working on anyway, which obviously makes up for the fact that I didn’t get last week’s topic finished at all.


‘Sleep’ is this week’s topic, which is apt because I am sick & could really use my bed.  Except I still need to work, like most of us do, so I suck on cough sweets all day in the hope it’ll lift the fug from my brain so I can create some more masterpieces.

I wanted to work on something simple & fun after finishing that book cover last week, so above dragon was a nice breather (pun intended).  I’m experimenting with a surprise upgrade to my Wacom tablet, new PS brushes by creative jedi Kyle T Webster & some complementary colours.

I do really think I do the best work when I just allow myself to enjoy the process of drawing, & this is one of the pieces I’ve enjoyed the most in a long time.  I’ve been listening to Andy J Miller’s Creative Pep Talk podcast a lot the last few weeks, & one in particular struck a chord with me; the idea of your ‘Master Sword.’  Aside from the fact I’m a Zelda fan, Andy’s idea of the illustrators’ Master Sword is the creative ‘thing’ that you do best & you do so uniquely that you’re the only one who can wield it.  He also mentioned the problem of wanting to have someone else’s Master Sword, & when he did a little thing in my head clicked.  So, this little (big) dragon is part of me reconnecting with the path to my Master Sword, the Cathyness of all that I create.  You know, the parts that are silly & very brightly coloured, & that have tiny squadrons of knights trying to figure out how to save a city from a giant lazy-ass dragon.  I spend a lot of time wishing that I could draw like her or him or them, when really even if I would like the jobs they get I’d still rather be great at doing Cathy’s illustration than mediocre at doing someone else’s.  Not that that means not working at improving, but more realigning to improve my work, rather than simply figuring out how to make my work look more like someone else’s.  Which is harder than it sounds.

So bring on more dragons! ❤


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