A limerick, an old lady riding a lion and a song, all for you!


My beloved old auntie Jo,

Her garb entirely day glo.

When in need of a laugh,

She’d scare herds of giraffe

And ride lion around like bronco.

As part of ‘Blogging 101′ we were challenged to write a post to our ideal reader.  I couldn’t pin down my ideal readers’ exact age, gender & favourite colour, so I settled with ‘a silly human being, who likes to laugh & enjoy their lives.’  We were also challenged to include some media we wouldn’t normally, so I wrote a limerick for you.  That was unexpected wasn’t it?  Anything for you, my little pots of clotted cream.  Anyhoo, the aunt in question does exist, & although she doesn’t look much like the illustration she is as substantial & irrepressible as you would imagine.

Continuing with the cheery sunshiney feels (I’m in Texas, it’s not tropical or anything, but I reckon there’s a good chance I’m warmer than you), here’s a song by Kyary Pamu Pamu.  Kyary is one of my favourites.  Favourite what, I don’t know, but favorite something.  She’s one of my top secret techniques for both illustration & long-term travel, too, a technique I’ll share with you if you feel ready to learn such a secret;
The trick is to set timers, so you’ll work for x minutes then stop for x minutes, thus you get scheduled breaks & regular input of tea. Kyary comes in during that down time, when you will get up & do a full on silly dance around the workspace, complete with jelly legs, octopus arms & intense-overbite-face.  Sing the English parts full belt & mumble the Japanese parts, peppered with the few words one might recognise from ones’ adolescent attempts at learning the language.

Try to imagine that, as vividly as you can, next time you’re feeling a little sorry for yourself.  There’s always someone out there sillier than you.  I’m quite honoured to be that person.

Ja mata ne, minna! 🙂


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