Odd, confusing, sexy life drawing.

Here I am, back in the north-eastern United States, gearing up (or down) for another Christmas.
I spent last week in New York, re-learning the amount of openness that couchsurfing invariably demands & inevitably rewards.  This time around was no different, & amongst other activities & experiences my host introduced me to the ‘draw-a-thon’.  This was organised & ran by artist Michael Alan, & held in a particularly intimate space in his Brookyln studio.  So, a handful of other draw-ers, some glowing models, the artist himself &, of course, my Polish-nudist-vegan-couchsurfing host, made art for eight hours one cold Saturday night in December.

reclining_skeleton_life_cathyhookeyNYC_life_3_cathyhookey  NYC_life_4_cathyhookeyNYC_life_2_cathyhookeyNYC_life_1_cathyhookey

It’s strange to think I forgot how good life drawing felt.  That buzz, that purity, being so strongly in the present is something I’ve only ever experienced life drawing.  Really looking, seeing, then deciding how you want to react to the bare body in front of you is one of the best feelings I’ve ever had.  I get close to it through regular reportage, but life drawing is more involved, much deeper drawing.  Or perhaps I just like naked people way too much :B

This event in particular was special, as Mike’s constant curation of the models & the environment we were drawing was so perfectly surreal, it gave me the added pleasure & challenge of capturing odd, confusing & sexy in one body of drawings.  My host, for instance, is the fellow with no face, holding a rose, in the second image down.  He thoroughly enjoyed himself, incase you wondered, although he had to shower twice to get all the blue spray paint off himself.



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