B&W& a new graphic novel concept!

Continuing my little spat of casual pieces, I’m doing a random topic every day, taken from a daily photography meme that’s making the rounds on all the trendy social media.    This one was ‘black & white,’ which I felt suited a graphic novel concept I’m working on at the moment…

Radical Alice by Cathy Hookey

This is Radical Alice!  She’s from a noir concept I’m just writing the script for.  Hopefully, as I get more time to dedicate to personal work, I’ll have some more sketches & ideas up from this to show you!  I’m pouring a huge amount of work into the environment design for this project, using my travel through cities across the States as reference.  It’s a total labour of love at the moment & I’m super excited about it!  I’ll be travelling back to New York city in a week to collect even more reference & inspiration, so watch this space for even more lovely stuff!  🙂


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