IF: Skull/On Resting

My inaugural post, marking a bit of a milestone in my creative/nomadic life, with my first Illustration Friday in a very long time!

Illustration Friday entry by Cathy Hookey

I’m writing from a big kitchen table in New Jersey, with a big glass of Italian red wine & a humid late summer evening. The last few months have been a harsh education in my evolving location independent lifestyle. Last week I arrived in the States almost against my will, despite the fact I obviously booked & paid for my own flights. I’ve been overwhelmed by the size of my experiences versus the length of my rest time recently, & honestly, I just wanted to sleep in one place for a while. I flew into NYC expecting to be sleeping on floors & partying myself to pieces, but I wound up with a four poster bed, love, & organic yogurt for breakfast. I feel like I’m on holiday for the first time…maybe since I started travelling!

I think sometimes, when travelling, it is easy to expect yourself to be a 24 hour party person, willing to sleep on any street corner, talk to anyone, go with the flow, get out there, live for the moment! But when it’s long term, as mine is, you need to get so good at listening to that bit inside that says ‘lets just hang out a while, yeah? We need some down time.’

And this is why I have my first I.F entry in ages, because I am chilled & being creative. I’m also tanning, eating good food, drinking good wine & learning about a new culture. The perks of being a nomad still apply, obv ;D


One thought on “IF: Skull/On Resting

  1. Love your little skull dude, and welcome back to Illustration Friday! I’ve been negligent in submitting, too, but determined to get back at it. Reminds me of the gym–feels good once I get home. 🙂

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